Month: July 2014

  • The Power of Shavasana (The Corpse Pose)

    It seems a long time since I posted anything about my yoga. In fact it’s a long time since I managed a practice at home! I have no idea why, but I have found a fab teacher in Andrea at The Yoga School on The Ridge at Hastings. This morning I really needed my […]

  • ‘Bye…

    Sometimes the World serves up a mug of pain instead of a glass of champagne. A couple of days ago I had a call from an old school friend who I haven’t seen in a while, but always reconnect with instantly – we went through quite a lot at boarding school, forming a trio with […]

  • Go With The Flow

    Good ┬ámorning, is your day planned? Do you know what you have got to do today, what you can achieve? I had a great day planned…Art in the morning as it’s Tuesday, and gardening this afternoon…well, IN the garden anyway. ( for that read sunbathing!) Last night I looked at my Angel cards and one […]