Month: November 2014

  • Is THAT What You Think?

    This weekend gave Hubby and me a huge example of how differently we view things, and how differently we think, whilst assuming we are on the same wave length…WARNING – I may not come out of this looking good! Hubby has been asked to take on something in 2016, outside work which will last 2 years and […]

  • I am…

      Morning. I am starting the day with a little more force than usual. I have fed the pets, everyone has been out and all have safely come in, and here I am chatting to you. Why? I got woken at 4.20 this morning by a hot flush. Not unusual as I had had some Cadbury’s […]

  • Pump Up The Volume…please

    Yes, I am asking for the volume to be turned up …on the Little Miracle! I have, I think, got used to using my LM, and now there are situations where I really would like more volume. Certainly not in the cinema earlier this week whilst watching Interstellar…a fab film, btw! I came away wanting […]

  • It DOES make a difference!

    I’m sitting in my kitchen watching breakfast TV, sipping a herbal tea ( I’ve actually run out of  milk!), a purring cat on my lap – just, he’s slipping as I type – and I’ve NOT got my hearing aid in…and it is different! Occasionally yesterday I wasn’t sure if the Little Miracle was working […]

  • What’s that noise???

    It’s was momentous day yesterday! I had just been terrified in the supermarket by a huge, unidentified noise as I was on the phone to Son!!! A roaring, rushing, metallic sound. I spun round, telling Son that there was something going on… And there, round the corner, came the metal cage that the supermarket workers […]