Month: November 2015

  • Do you have an Itinerary?

    As the year draws to a close Hubby and I have at last had a chance to look at next year’s dates… Hubby is going to be Captain of The Oxford & Cambridge Golf Society, hereafter referred to as The Society ¬†– actually I think that’s how everyone in golf refers to it! This is […]

  • Starting Again

    This morning, feeling that suddenly the Universe has dumped a whole lot of age on my body (ok, I mean I’ve put on a load of weight & haven’t moved enough recently – the effects are the same!), I actually managed to do a yoga practice. After a mediation to start with I creakingly got […]

  • Another Loss

    I know this is nothingcompared with the loss of lives over the weekend, all round the World, but this morning I found one of our cats dead outside the front door. She was our Daughter’s cat, Lara ( named after Lara Croft), over 17 years old, and rather smelly & scrawny. She didn’t like many […]

  • Love Not Hate

    I know the¬†Internet is full of blogs and posts telling the rest of us that all this hate for others is only producing more bloodshed and that Love conquers all…but obviously the wrong people are reading them, and those who are causing all the bloodshed don’t bother to read our positive messages. They never will. […]