New Week, Clean Desk

IMG_0737Is this how you started your week? Not me!

As always I drive Hubby to the station so he can wing his way to The Smoke, then come home to The Breakfast Club on Twitter.

That in itself is a great way to start…connecting with other folks and other lives; giving and receiving news, advice, hugs, jokes etc. There is always something to make me smile,as well as sometimes things that make me count my blessings!

This morning gave me the umph to clear out my desk in the study! We have just got a new sofa, the first of the planned changes to the room, and I am having fun moving the furniture around to see what fits best where and what colours are still needed in the room. Having got the bug of bringing a chair down from upstairs and moving old sofa up I then opened the bottom draw of my desk…..first time in ages!

Oh boy! There were things in there I haven’t seen in decades!! Including the first card my Hubby ever wrote to me – he had tracked me down after meeting at a party, gave me his telephone number ( this is pre-mobile days!) and hoped we could go out the following week for a meal! I remember being so excited… lost quite a few minutes daydreaming!

Then I found our daughter’s last birthday cards, a few sympathy cards, and other stuff. I didn’t cry- I didn’t want to!! Looking at all the wonderful messages to her was really uplifting, and when I found the old prep school book for that year I was able to read her obituary by her best friend. The the laughter started when I found her brother’s picture in his leaving play! He looks so young! SO do all his friends!! Cute! Ah, those were the days.

Have I finished? Of course not!! There is still mess over the floor, my collection of postcards from art galleries, writing paper and envelopes, and a very old recipe for a strawberry mouse! Will I finish clearing up? I have to! I am alone this evening and I want to enjoy the tidy, clean study and the new sofa in all its gloriousness!

Am I going to do it now?… NO!!! The sun is shining and the dog and I want to walk in to whilst we can!

So….IMG_0720Later, Dudes!!! 😉

L x

Author: thebisson

I am a bubbly caring soul who has learned much from life's lessons, but always willing to learn more. Actress, artist, lover of life. I live in the country with Hubby and son, when they are here, cats and dog. I have a holday cottage!