Maybe Next Time

20121029-055943.jpgBad news folks – my run is off due to knee trouble.

Just before skiing, back in January, I twisted/pulled my knee but still managed to ski thanks to strapping and ibuprofen gel. Since then it has always hurt when jogging and working out.

Then last week after training i could hardly walk and i have been in pain since. so much so I could hardly walk up to 3.8 mph on the treadmill on Thursday.

SO I drove to the doc”s who has referred me t a specialist next Wednesday. I have seen this guy before, and he is good. I just hope he can get it going pain free soon! there is a suggestion of tor cartilage – though being new to running I don’t know how bad this can be.

In the meantime Adam is going to have to alter my workouts to protect the knees whilst keeping the metabolism going. This week he had me boxing, throwing the medicine ball like a basket ball – it is soooo not like a basket ball!! AND I was never that good at netball in the first place!!!! At the end he had me planking on elbows and toes for 3 x 60 seconds.

Actually I was secretly pleased at how well I did on the planking, but please don’t tell him!

Next week we will use the bosu, so that should be fun!

In the long run (oh, so bad!) I am really hoping I will be fit enough for a 5k by the end of the summer (if we have one). I cant believe I actually miss jogging and how it makes me feel when it stops! It has really helped with the weight and the depression. Even my blood pressure is down! Wednesday I will have a non-fasting blood test to see if my cholesterol is down too…Woohoo!

In the mean time, my thoughts and prayers go out to those caught in the Boston Bombing; and to those running in the London Marathon this Sunday.