Oh, Buck Up!

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I am giving myself a good talking to today! “Buck Up” being the nice way to put it!!

Yesterday the “old Liz” reared her ugly head… And I sat at the kitchen table, and ATE! I felt sorry for myself, just because my knees hurt when I exercise/walk/go to sleep. I feel sluggish, and down.

Now, to be kind to myself it might be something to do with the powerful painkillers and the stomach pills to counter the bad effect the pain killers have on my tummy. These mean my insides are in shock, and not working as they should (nuff said, don’t panic!) and I seem to be bloating.

However, all this doesn’t mean I should give up on how much I have achieved so far!! It does NOT mean I can’t train in some form or another! Ok, so nothing gives me the “high” of jogging then training, but it just means I have to find a different way of doing it; and that is why I have a personal trainer!!

Ok, so there have been a few setbacks in other areas…the boiler getting thru £750 worth of oil in a month, the dog bringing home a dead lamb ( it was already dead we think), the cottage loo mysteriously leaking at the base then stopping ( my mother haunting us?) BUT I am so lucky in that I have earned the money to pay for more oil; the dog is now on the lead and will never be allowed out alone again; the loo seems ok so I don’t need a new one!; the boiler is now fixed so the cottage guests are warm with hot water when they want it.

Counting my blessings here as hard as I can, folks! And boy, do I have blessings!!
And my men keep telling me not to worry about things in the future as they may never happen.

So, I await Adam telling me new training routines to keep up the weight loss.
I WILL stop the grazing of food by not sitting at the kitchen table for hours on end!
The weather is getting better so I will be able to get into the garden and pretend to know what I’m doing there.
Art starts again today so I can try something new there.
I have new windows so no more drafts.

Far more important that all those “things” are…
I am loved and can love.
I am alive and can breath.
I can move and achieve.

So my thought for today will be …

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Hugs to all of you and thanks for letting me main to you. Feel free to kick me up the backside!