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Morning World, how are you feeling?

I have decided I want to add another string to my bow of living a healthier life, and Yoga has always intrigued me…
Why haven’t I don’t it before, I hear you ask ( well, just pretend you did!). I have dabbled at school, with the odd class, but now I feel it’s time to take it seriously. I know there is a yoga centre on the way to Battle which I must contact, but also I have asked Adam the trainer to ask his teacher if she does classes nearer to here.

I am constrained a little on the days I can learn it..I must get back to golf, back to going up to London regularly to see more of Hubby,can’t stop training… So, with only 7days in the week, and really only 5 I can use without cutting into the Weekend, Monday night or Thursday night ( if I can move after training!) look to be the best bet.

I have been watching Hubby managing to bend his leg up under his body whilst stretching out the other one and all flat on the floor and feel I really ought to be able to do the same! Ok, so there is a load less of him than me, but I have always thought I was more flexible…Hm, an element of competition creeping in here? Better watch that! Hold on whilst I just check I can …reach…my …toes…Yes! Phew! Ok, so on with the search!

I love starting the new week with a new “thing” to achieve! I’ll keep you posted on whether I find what I’m looking for.
In the meantime, have a FAB week!


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