Are you driven by your impulses?

Actually what I want to ask you is ” are you an impulse buyer”?  I am…you can tell, I bet! at this moment I am kicking myself for not following my first impulse a few weeks ago!!

I saw a shirt…OK, you knew this was going to be about shopping, right? Like many shirts I buy from this particular shop it was a large long one with lots of pin-tucks all over. This one was in a light called to me! (well, they all do!) but I had a friend with me and I was trying to be good, and not give in to my “I want ” urge. we were due to meet another friend at a new haberdashery/knitting shop I had discovered in a magazine and we were a bit late. I thought I’d go back afterwards, but it never happened. I told myself I would go back another day and if it was there then it was meant to be…

So, a couple of weeks have passed and I went today…IT HAD GONE! Someone else is wearing the beautiful blue shirt! This is one of those boutiques that only buys one of each thing…but they have two other shops the other side of Kent. To make matters worse the lady serving in the shop obviously thought I was not the right customer for her shop (not that she is the owner!) and said she couldn’t remember the shirt at all!!

I seethed! I politely said it served me right for not buying it when I saw it, and left. Inside I was so cross…with myself for not following my first impulse; with the lady for being unhelpful and making me feel too fat/old/wrong for the shop; and with my friend for being there so I showed off being good not buying it!

Of course, none of this matters…the world is still turning, no-one has been hurt, and the sun will come up tomorrow. It also proves right the chap who wrote the book I have been reading …Blink by Malcolm Gladwell… which basically says follow your first gut instinct!!! In the future I shall GO FOR IT! World, be warned!

In the meantime…I wonder if anywhere else stocks those shirts….or is it on eBay..????

L x



Author: thebisson

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