A Different Impulse…

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I have just got back from a brilliant impulse!

I went to have my whiskers zapped with electrolysis… Yes, these things have to be done as we get older! Sitting waiting for the painful treatment ( and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not!) I thought wasn’t it a shame I hadn’t booked a massage…so I just commented how I wished I had booked one.

After my vanity treatment the young woman said she had a free slot in half an hour if I was interested….I jumped at the chance, and I am so glad I did!!

I was given a 45 minute Aveda de-stress massage. Oh how I had needed that! Strangely it was more painful on the left side than the right, but that may be because of my right knee pain.

I have just walked the dog round our garden, breathing in the late afternoon/early evening air, slightly chilling now with the blue sky allowing the earth heat to escape. Hopefully it took all my stress with it!

So you see, following your impulses an be really good for you!

May you have a peaceful day.

L x

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Author: thebisson

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