A New String To My Bow

Yoga imagesLast night I went to my first Yoga class.


I had been training with Adam at lunchtime so was already limbered up. I was looking forward to some gentle stretches and perhaps some meditation…I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I wasn’t going to be doing any handstands!

We soon settled down onto our mats and I began to realise this was certainly not  beginners course! Lisa had warned me, but you know what its like..in one ear, you nod, and it flows straight out the other! Oh Boy!

First off, its a long time since I sat cross legged on the floor. Thankfully we could roll up our rug and sit up on that to help the posture. Some, including the teacher Lisa, had little blocks to sit on…yep, I will be getting one of those if I survive the course!

Then we were taught to slow and regulate our breathing, visualising a wave going down from our navel to the coxics as we breathed in, and back up to our heart as we breathed out for a count of four each way. This was easier!

Next we were introduced to the chant of Om and how to do it, and what to visualise or rather where the sound should come from as we said all three parts of the word Om – it starts at the bottom and goes up into your brain…it all makes sense when you are doing it!

Then the stretches/exercises/poses started. I am just so glad I couldn’t see myself trying these! The Downward Dog was relatively easy, but with my big tum lunging into the Warrior was a little tricky. I managed with a few hops. I began to sweat with the effort!! Some of the poses we held for quite a while and the thighs began to protest…the knees were beginning to form a union too and I could feel the odd strike being planned in certain regions of the old body. However, I struggled on and I don’t think I made too bad a job of it – not the most elegant in the room I am sure, but that wasn’t the point of going, now was it? No!

We even did the bridge pose- you know, the one we all can do as little kids when we go on all fours inside out/upside down..you know the one, going from lying on your back up onto your hands and feet…I could do the getting the bum and back off the floor, but it will take much time and weight loss before I can do it properly.

At one point there was a chance to go from all fours into a handstand, but lets face it I can’t see me EVER managing that!…however, I remember telling Adam that I didn’t run when I first met him, so perhaps I had better not say those things!

Eventually we were told to get comfy with rugs over us and the relaxation started…bliss!! (The lady next to me started snoring at one point!) I started to feel a smile developing on my face – and I’m pretty sure my body was smiling too. It was tremendously peaceful, and with some practice I am sure I will be able to move back into the light as were were supposed to see ourselves doing.

And then it was all over. one and a half hours had gone and I was feeling..well, I knew I had worked hard, but I also felt wonderful! And I hadn’t made any embarrassing body noises either!!! you know what I mean!

To be honest I had thought Yoga was more relaxation than trying to grasp bits of my anatomy with the opposite hand that hadn’t been designed to get any where near it!!! Perhaps I would be better off in a beginners class, but I have emailed the teacher and asked if it might be better for me to start with a few one-to-one sessions first, so that I can work into the poses, not damage the knees, and get to grips with the spiritual side behind the yoga. the cynics out there will be yelling of course she is going to say yes to those as they are more expensive, but I am lucky I can do this, and I do want to be able to do it right and keep on doing it!

Today I feel much lighter of emotion …going away for a few days with hubby, in the fresh air and playing golf in the sun (Scotland) certainly helped, but I am sure the yoga also has helped, and I want to be able to add it to my quiver of stuff I CAN do.