So, the golf’s off then?

I am sitting a the kitchen table watching My Men hunt through “our” favourite cook books for something to create tonight.

This is not how the day was planned…in the diary it says
‘Golf, 14.18 at my course’

This is June, we have just passed the Solstice, and outside it is more like Autumn! First trip outside with the dog was wet and wild, to say the least…but not very cold. We came back inside for tea(for me) and breakfast for the dog and dried off.
About an hour later, sitting in bed with Hubby chatting about the day the subject of our golf was broached –
” It’s not looking good, is it?”
” Well, it won’t be fun.”
“Shall we see how the morning progresses?”
“Ok, but I don’t think it’s going to get much better.”

And here we are, 3 hours later, the rain has almost stopped, but the trees are still fighting to get free from the garden, yoga has been done, the golf is cancelled officially,the Lions v Australia rugby game is on pause (we cant miss it! ),and The Men are deciding what we shall have.
(Don’t worry, I have been asked what I do or don’t want… But I seem to be losing interest in cooking big meals these days as I know I will eat them!! )

I am rather glad the golf if off…I am a fair weather player, and as this game was to put in a card for my handicap (again!) there is no point in this wind!

So, the big question of the day now is…. Lamb, Salmon, or Chicken??..


20130622-113643 AM.jpg

PS it’s pouring again!

20130622-114829 AM.jpg

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