Sleep clinic

Here I am in hospital of my own free will! According to my hubby I snore…I would deny it of course, but I have woken myself up with the odd snort so I know I can’t kid anyone!

Here in the Conquest Hospital in Hastings they are doing these Sleep Tests to see if we have sleep apnea…when you stop breathing in your sleep for a little while…or any other reasons why we are keeping our loved ones awake! I say we, but I’ve only seen one other chap so far!

I am in a ward on my own with just this one bed – please don’t start on hospital politics etc, I suspect it was an empty ward any way -with the usual hospital bed and curtains…they are rather claustrophobic so I may just pull them black a bit as I’m used to slightly more space. Typically it is quite noisy outside with general traffic noise, plus the hum from something or other. I shall investigate in one of my bored moments!

I have brought in a couple of books I have been meaning to read, but the room is at a slightly higher temperature than I keep the house, so feel I might just drop off before the test starts at 10.30! You know when you’ve been told not to do something and then you have the terrible urge to do it?? Well, I want to snooze!!!  Think I’d better go have a cup of something to keep me going…it’s only 4.45!  No idea why we had to come in so early!!

my bed for the night

I have been wired up to a smallish monitor attached to me by an elastic band at my waist; there are sensors on my legs and side and an 02 one on my middle finger…apparently that one will glow during the test so I mustn’t worry if I dream that I’ve turned into ET!

Right, I’m off to get some tea and see if I can watch TV…might as well catch up on what others are seeing! Laters


oh boy, where do I start? What a rip off! You have to pay at least £5 for just the Freeview channels, except that every time I tried to connect I was redirected to a menu that said I didn’t have enough credit and to put more on my credit card…so who can guess what I did? Wrong! I paid more and then managed to find my way to the usual suspects on Freeview after much fiddling! I do hope that if any ill person wants to watch TV that someone else sets it up for them ,cos what I’ve just done is enough to raise the blood pressure of any normall person!

For some reason I can’t read a book in here! I tried…I brought two books in and neither of them have been read more than the first few pages! Either its the light in here or my attitude to it all!

All the wires etc to be attached to my bodymy bed for the night

At 5.30 a very nice nurse popped her head round the door and asked if I wanted any supper- it has been a long time, thankfully, since I had to eat hospital food so I chanced my luck again. Well, for those of you who remember old school meals, it was a blast from the past. Fish pie with I am sure enough gloopiness in the sauce to cause some damage to the digestive system, ice cream and they added a jelly despite not asking for it! Must have looked as if I needed it! It was ok actually, and after the usual heartburn I settled down to watch Made in Dagenham, which was a great film. I even managed to stay awake past the 10.30 start of the test. The machine beeped quietly, my finger lit up and away we went! Lights out at 11pmish, and off I went into the land of nodd!


well, who does sleep that well in hospital? It was much quieter than I thought it would be. My only problem was the low level lighting in the corridor which shone threw the curtains. I tossed and turned a bit…I woke I think 5 times with one loo stop which was only one or two more times than normal. Each time I had a quick fiddle of the wire in my nose…you know, the two pronged thing they use to give you oxygen, only this one was just measuring how much C02 was being pumped out by my snozz! I wanted to scratch my nose every time I woke, but was good….no, really, I was!

I am now sitting up in bed with an unusual cup of coffee to get me started. It is usually a gallon of tea, either herbal or builders, which gets this ol gal going!

I can go now, as the machine has just turned itself off, so I can pull all the wires up through my PJs and sensors off the old flesh and, after dressing, I can run back to my own shower….I think I will do just that folks!

What has this proved? Well, it’s going to take at least 6 weeks before the results come back. They seem to have about 4 of us a night, and I think only two staff to look at the results. So who knows! Was it worth it? I bet not, but I shall not lose any sleep worrying about what they find!

I think this has been an experience, something I’ve never done before, and somehow 2012 feels like the year for new experiences, so in that respect it has been worth it. I bet I sleep really well in the flat tonight that’s for sure…in the spare room so as not to disturb hubby and so I can relax about sleeping and snoring!

I suspect there will be a small blog on single verses double beds in the near future too!

So, up and at ’em folks! I’m off home and hope to get winery with time for a bit of The Breakfast Club to start my day the right way.

Bye for now,


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