Start you week with…

20120912-170753.jpgHow did you start your week? I took a bike ride…well, after a mug of tea, yoga and breakfast of course!

It is all part of the fitter me, but is dependant on my knees.


My route is uphill to the village shop, where a chat is a must, then this week I decided to be adventurous and take a detour. I turned left instead of going straight home…Its a lane I have been down before but only in the car…it all looks very different from a saddle, believe me!

For a start its not as flat as I remember! but it is a lovely lane with folks to call ‘Morning” to. they all replied, which was rather heart-warming.

Then back onto the main road and a chat with neighbours about drives etc (as you do), and a down hill “WEEEEEE” ( that’s free-wheeling with legs stuck out) and back to a mug of tea and cloud contemplation…

Now, is it me or do these modern clouds have less ‘pictures’ in them? Is it that I am loosing my Inner Child’s Eye? Oh I do hope not! How about you? When was the last time you lay on the grass and watched the clouds drift by? And don’t yell that you have no time! Get in touch with your own ‘Little Lizzie’ and see what you can see, go on.

Right, now I’m going to have a go at embedding a song for this blog…can you guess what it is before you press the thingie to listen? (the picture is a bit of a give-away to those of us of a certain age!)

Have a fab week!