Post op Thoughts on Recovery, Life and Husbands

20130831-114643 AM.jpg

Today is Saturday. On Thursday I had an arthroscopy and a rip in my Mendthingy Cartilage mended. By Sunday evening I may have murdered my Husband! (not really…if he has died it wont be by my hand…I can’t reach!!)

So far I have learned that –
1. I should have insisted Hubby took the day after off from work;
2. I should have shopped better before the op;
3. I should have learned how to ask for help from Hubby more;
4. I should have taught him how to do the washing
5. I feel lousy and cross after a general anaesthetic!
6. Hubby can’t read my mind!

On the plus side after this I should be able to get back to jogging etc. Until I have my other knee done!

This is quite an eye opener for me.
I didn’t realise how little I ask for outright – help with things round the house, or could someone get me something from another room. Or even for friends to get some shopping for me…which they have. Do you do this? If you do, are you male or female? Are men better or not at getting the Other Half to do stuff?

I am so used to being the strong capable one on the surface that I have not trained myself, or Hubby, to put my physical needs first.

Now, if your are a regular reader to my blog and are now screaming at your screen that that is all I ever do, please forgive this perspective and message me; but from this side of the iPad I am finding it difficult to keep calm when asked about the simplest of things by my darling Old Man, stuff that I do every day and take for granted that we all know how to do – the shopping, washing, checking there is water in the dog’s bowl…

So the main thing I am learning is both of us need to have patience and ask for exactly what we need…um, can I have another mug of tea please? and whilst you’re in the kitchen…hello? Anybody there???