What’s Going On

Evening folks.
Sorry I haven’t been blogging much recently- it’s been a combination of finding it technically sometimes difficult on this iPad, and the lack of desire to blog. Did the first lead to the second? Maybe, but I’m also in a different place somehow from the Summer.

By now, I’m sure you realise I have a habit of getting very near to success on something, and then it all goes wrong…my fitness being the main thing. Since my knee operation I have found it really difficult to get going again. Well, not difficult to get eating again, alas! So of course my weight has ballooned a stone and my muscles seem to have completely lost the ability to do anything without screaming in pain….I’m feeling a little like a little old lady with aching bones! Which I’m not!

Anyway, I am trying to work on getting rid of the negativity that is somewhere in my system/head/psyche.

Here is my latest Zentangle…

20131113-090737 pm.jpg
This has been inspired by an afternoon shopping with a girlfriend- both of which I really enjoyed!! It is lovely to see my friend buying clothes for herself for a change. She looked stunning in the dress she bought for a party this weekend…even with her socks still on!