The Christmas List

Oh boy! This must be one of the most annoying lists we ever write!
Is it I ever finished? It keeps changing as we get older, but do you ever lose the things you never got off the list? I still hanker after a Star Wars Lego set!! No, really! I got more fun out of the kids Lego than they did – well, I had more practice as my parents started me off with it decades ago!

So I have been trying to write a list for my men to give me. Some things are just obvious ( to me!) like a, Apple Laptop, or a new iPad ( only cos hubby is getting one and I can’t bare that he will have something gadgety which is better than mine! ); other things I know I haven’t a hope of getting! like diamond earrings, new car of my choice ( next year maybe!) another kitten…

I know that the perfume I asked for has been bought…or at least I think that was what was in the box that arrived this week addressed to Him. Also the next instalment of Borgen – som much easier to watch than The Killing! I am trying to be practical here…. But it really isn’t in my nature!