Yoga message….

I have to share this with you all! No, really, I DO! If you don’t want it, close this blog NOW!

Have you gone?

This morning I felt I was drowning in negativity. Having a chest infection doesn’t help, but I also felt I was stuck food-wise etc. I am sure there are those out there who know exactly what I mean! I am going round in that vicious circle of negativity = bad food= negative feelings. I’m sorry if this has come through in my tweets or anything else, but there it is!

A wonderful email from a friend made me think ” there is always Hope

So I got up from my nice warm bed, put my contacts in, my yoga kit on, and got right down to a gentle practice. Lots of deep breathing before, during and after; no limits to the number of times a did a pose; checking on how open my chest was in warrior etc; then into the resting pose (likening on the floor, eyes closed under a pashmina, I don’t know the proper name for it). This is when I try to get a”message” or comment- well, not so much “try” as they come sometimes… My subconscious contacting the Mother Ship!

This morning the Question
who am I?
Floated up. Mild panic as I tried to lose the thought of “how do others see me? ”
I can hear my Old Man Hubby, that is not Dad) saying
“What a load of rubbish- you are you.”
But who exactly is that?

Slowly the thought
“I am here. This is Me”
Came floating to the surface.

No deep answers about what type of person I am, just the plane simple fact. I Am Me.

Somehow that feels enough for today. I feel more positive. I’m still full of gunk, tho if you really want to know its loosening ( I know, too much info!)
I am slowly helping son get the leaves off the lawns, often sitting down to sip water (and write this) and the thought that
I Am Enough
has come to me now.

Namaste, folks.

Go be FabYOUlous!

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