When Everything Connects

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It happened just now…well, a few minutes ago, BUT IT HAPPENED!!!!

This week I started with new Yoga teacher – Andrea at THe Yoga School on the Ridge in Hastings. The Yoga SchoolShe is only my second teacher, and is different from my first, Lisa. LisaJust as nice, and welcoming, I hasten to add, and she HUGS!!! I love a hugger…those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that!

As I say Andrea and her Yoga are different from Lisa – fewer of the poses we have seen on the internet, but oh boy, they seem to have just if not more affect on my body!!

The funny thing is the new yoga style links both Lisa’s and Maya Fiennes Maya Fienneswhich i have been reading about in her book Yoga for Real Life…what a title, eh?!

Now, this book connected with something inside that was wriggling after Christmas etc; I was missing yoga as given to me by Lisa; I cried, laughed, and saw amazing colours in Andrea’s class this week ( whilst Son was having his knee key-holed!)

I have just done a practice which has combined all 3 amazing elements from these wonderful women!!!!!!!
Yes, i KNOW, I am going overboard with the !!! but they are soooo necessary here. I promise!!!!! (OK, perhaps those ones weren’t…ironic ones perhaps?)

Have you had the feeling when something has gone so right that you laugh out loud? Well, that is how i feel, even whilst blogging and cooking supper…hey, I’m a Woman, we do these things!

See what I mean? I am even being more positive and assertive! I have even got vague promise out of Hubby that when we go away he will practice yoga with me!

So it’s all god! …oh….I meant to type good…..hm.

I’m leaving that “mistake” in. Make of it what you will, my friends.

Right, enough enthusing, I must concentrate on the supeer; but I really want ed to share this with you…

Oh, and Jayne…I think I now know what you meant about Loving Myself!!! Oh Boy, this week may well be ours, Aquarian Sister!!!

Namaste, dear Reader….have a go, go on, I dare you!

L x

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