It’s Autumn!

imagesDon’t you love this season? Oh yes, we all love the sun and fun of Summer, but with Autumn comes the changing colours in the landscape, the chance to put on your favourite jumper ( hides my curves wonderfully cos its baggy) and my favourite pastime…Kicking up piles of leaves!!!

A friend is winging her way over to the US at this moment towards the Land of The Great Pumpkin (Peanuts ref) and has promised to send us wonderful pictures of Hallowe’en decorations. Living in the depths of the English countryside we have never really been into putting pumpkins etc outside, nor decorating the house inside…ok, that “we” is “me”…but not this year!!

At this precise moment we have 2 pumpkin outside, and several paper ones inside. Later I will go round the garden and see if I have any Autumn flowers left to bring inside ( this is where I realise what a bad gardener I am).

I’m doing it now as Son is coming home for the weekend with Hubby…now a rare occurrence as he is working at Iglu Ski and thoroughly enjoying it. Now that he visits rather than living here all the time I want to make each visit special. ( soft mother)

Of course, along with the wonderful colours comes the mists, dampness and the first of the “heating going on” discussions!! On the plus side I can light our fires, light candles and follow the Danish traditions of Hygge. SO guess where I went yesterday? Yup…Ikea! Well, it had to be done! As did eating the meatballs…stop it! I can hear you laughing…tell me you’ve never done it!

Right, I’m off to put a vest on, check the heating thermostats, and gather some leaves. Have a good one!