Fuzzy Headed

This is going to be a weird blog I suspect! I have decided to detox again… About 4 years ago I totally detoxed and went tea-total for about 2years…it was all in aid of losing weight and feeling healthier, and it worked… For a while.

Alas I live with a man who loves wine and a son who is a brilliant cocktail mixer, and I am the type of prison who hates to feel left out! So watching my two having fun with their drinks became too much in the end and I gave in, drank again and so put on loads of weight…not just from the drinking but also I went baof all all those foods I’d been avoiding!

Now,here I would like to poin tout I don’t think I was a big drinker… We are talking social drinking, never alone. However I don’t think many bottles remained unfinished once we had opened them! And I know we are not alone in this, and I’m not here to start banging on about the evils of drink or anything! I promise!! I think wine etc can be fab!

Its just that I want to get healthier! I’ve hit THAT stage in a woman’s life when everything is changing physically, emotionally, etc and the pounds (well, I say poundes but it’s more like stones! ) are piling on, mainly round my middle!!! Yep, this is the Middle-Aged Spread! Bugger it! For those of you blessed with lovely figures, make the most of them! I long to see my toes again…no, they are not the prettiest of things, but they are mine! I wato to be able to do my show laces up without having to go into an impossible yoga position on the bed/chair to get to them!

And I can hear some of you saying I only have myself to blame! Shhhh! I know that, but it really is not helpful to be told that! Especially as some of you have smug looks on your faces..yes, you do!

So here I am, back on the hot water and alemons of lemon, maybe a herbal tea, and the head is beginning to go fuzzy and hurt a little. At least this time I know it will pass quite soon and then I shall feel so much better! All I have to do is resist that glass of wine that Hubby will offer me tonight, and not resent his enjoyment of it! Did I mention he’s Thin and Athletic?? Anyone out there young enough to remember the childhood rhyme about Jack Sprat and his wife? Hm!

Right, this won’t get my cottage cleaned and prepped for the new guests this afternoon! I do hope the weather clears up for them!!

Bye for now folks, have fun!

L xx