Well, I tried!


The day started so well… I went for a walk on the beach with 2 girlfriends and our dogs….tough on the old knees, but the back coped! Woohoo! We all had great fun and came back here for tea and rest. They tried my coffee and walnut cake and said it was fab. Yes, I know they could have been lying but they weren’t! Hubby said it was good too, so there!

Then after clearing up all the sand form the kitchen I did the usual with the ironing, and got down to having another go at these biscuits, using the Pampered Chef’s Cookie Press – that biscuits to me! Here is what I managed after 2hours!!


Look good, but not too sure they are worth it. I tried to do several sets, but it seems you have to perhaps fully clean the cookie press between each pressing ie every 10 or so cookies! Sorry, but that is just too fiddlie!! I think I’ll stick to trying to make cakes for this tea party!

I have mentioned the Teenage Cancer Trust Tea On The Terrace, haven’t I? On Thursday, all over the country, folks will be raising money for this fab charity…please click on the link in my main manure to find out more.
It’s looking good, weather-wise, thankfully, so we should all be on the terrace, and in the garden. There may not be many biscuits, if any, for sale, but there will be cakes!!
The are 4 different types of cakes in the freezer, and I’ll try to get a few more in there just incase!

In the meantime, I’m going to wash up this cookie Press and it will go back I to the cupboard for another odd 5 years or so!

If any of you are experts at using one of the and have hints or even directions to make them fab, please let me know!!

Tea time, I think!
Bye for now!

L xx