Oh Lord, why?

It has been a bit of an odd day or two.

Saturday would have been our daughter’s 24th birthday. I remembered, but Hubby had forgotten what date Saturday was. The pain that produced inside me was huge. I haven’t felt that bad in ages. It’s not his fault, he’s very busy at work, and he’s a man, so he’s got two things working against him!

Talking it over with my friends after our walk on the beach on Sunday morning one of them, who has also lost her daughter, she said the hardest thing is realising they are never going to walk into the room again…they’re not coming home.

Then today I read an email from a friend who is going through hell as her daughter is suffering very badly from anorexia, and seems to be on a spiral downward.

The pain has returned. My friend is going through some of what we suffered watching Ally die… And there is nothing I can do to help! Except be there, and send support. I want to just hug her so hard, but we live so far apart.

So, my question is, WHY, Lord…. Why?