Oh, Son!

I don’t know how to start this blog… So I’ll just tell you what has happened.

Son and I are in London to help celebrate Hubby’s birthday today. It isn’t a special one, but we thought it would be nice to be all together for the first time in ages. So Son and I drove up to our flat last night, and had a great time, meeting up with Hubby at a great local pub which looks like it is straight out of a Dickens novel, and was probably visited by Dickens as this is his area of London. Then supper in the flat, cooked in advance by Son -shepherd’s pie, was delicious!

Hubby and I went to bed as we were both knackered, and I was finding it rather stuffy in our tiny flat ( no air conditioning as we are not allowed noisy machines outside). Son got a call from his friend who was down for an interview, and went out to meet him and another uni friend for a drink….taking the spare keys with him so he wouldn’t wake us when he came home…

Bet you’ve guessed the rest! After waking several times in the night wondering if he was OK, I woke to find Son not home. I turned on my iPhone knowing there wouldn’t be a text from him telling me what he’d decided to do or where he was staying. I was not disappointed, alas. In his defence he probably didn’t want to wake us up by texting after we were asleep, but more likely he was too drunk!

I think I know where he is…Parson’s Green, I hope. Staying at a friend’s house. But I don’t know.
He is 22.
Is this too old to have to tell your parents what you are doing, when they are expecting you home later?

Son has been a great son… We haven’t had to worry too much about him; he has survived boarding school and Uni with only one bad note when he got beaten up defending a friend in Newcastle.(I am not counting the week he was sent home from school because he got drunk after a rugby lesson on a Thursday afternoon! That was just stupid! )

So, I am not used to waking up wondering what has happened! Hubby is far more laid back about it all, and pointed out that if Son had gone to Parson’s Green it is a dreadful place to get back to Borough from late at night, and Son, like him, would not waste the money on a taxi! Men!

Actually, I am not sure that I am cross, or worried, but I will be if Son’s hangover (of COURSE he will have one!) ruins Hubby’s birthday dinner tonight!! I automatically assume our day of going to the Tate, and then finding a good present for Hubby has been “changed”… Trying not to use the word “ruined”!!!!!!

I tried to gauge how Hubby felt about it all, but he just laughed, so I don’t think he is too worried about tonight or where Son is. He also thinks we drank just as much as Son is doing at his age. That last bit I refute! I didn’t drink that much until I left university and got a job, so could afford more alcohol!

I can here you saying, “oh, chill, woman,” and I am sure you are right… As I said, I am not sure whether I am cross or worried, or just waiting to see how my day pans out!

If only I had nabbed Hubby’s keys!!! I am trapped in the flat if I want to get back into it after going out!! But I can’t lock the flat door, so, yep, I AM TRAPPED!!!

Oh, B….R! Excuse my lingo, but HONESTLY! Youff!!

Ok, that’s got it off my chest until Son returns, or calls me to tell me where he is, how bad the head is, when he is getting back to the flat!!

Thinking calming thoughts of fluffy clouds over a beautiful beach…


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