In time?


When you are getting a flight are you one of those people who give themselves plenty of time to get to the airport, just incase you run into any delays?

Or are you the type that plans down to the last minute when things will happen and assume the rest of the world as a copy of the time table too?

Guess which type I am and which type Hubby is!! Hint…we are sitting at the airport instead of being well on our way to St.Andrews for an afternoon golf match for Hubby. Not much of a hint….here’s a bigger one… It’s not my fault!

Actually I feel rather sorry for the Poor Old Chap. We had such an easy ride up until we tried to drop off the golf bags, when a very efficient 40something lady informed us sadly that we had just missed the 45minute cutoff point for getting bags onboard… It is in the small print on your ticket, Sir. To give her her due she did call someone and ask as we were only 3minutes late if they could help, but BA no longer are in charge of putting the bags on their planes, and the chap on the other end said nothing could be done.

Author: thebisson

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