A new target

602690_521812947839876_2146298055_nIts good, isn’t it?

I have it in mind because my Personal Torturer, sorry Trainer, has asked me what my next goal is going to be. The fact that I am still working towards the latest goal of hitting the next stone mark before I hit the ski slopes is beside the point, apparently!

I remember when just getting onto the ski lift without crying my eyes out was a major goal…and that only took 3 years to achieve!! This next goal is in a matter of months!! EEEK!


Here’s a hint..it involves moving my body! HA-HA! not much of a hint, eh? but perhaps the cartoon gives it away?

I have been in two minds about whether to tell people about this or not…after all I may not make it! Or, I may do it and fail! but then I reread the picture at the top of the blog…Adam thinks I can do it, so I need to believe that I can.

So, Adam has suggested I do a 5k fun run in a few months’ time. I have said I will give it a go! Me! Who thinks I was this in a former life…