The Power of Words


I think I have a problem!

Do words hold a power for you? I suspect they have a strong hold on me!

Take the two words above…TARGET GOAL

One has a positive feel, one a negative, for me. The colours give you an idea which is which!

I think in my mind TARGET= FAIL, GOAL=Success.

Why do I think this? Because Adam, my Personal Trainer, had set me a small TARGET for my birthday (26/1) To reach 14stone.
I haven’t.
I still have 3 days but I would have to lose 3lbs in that time and that is not healthy…never mind the fact I have some socialising/celebrating going on between now and then!
My excuse? It was cold over the weekend and the heating was on almost all the time…I ate more and drank less water than I should have! You must know by now how good I am at making excuses!!

ON the plus side….yes, there always is a plus side!… I have reached a loss of 2&1/2 stones! WOOHOO!!

BUT… I am going to suggest to Adam that we start using the word GOAL, or even MINI-GOAL rather than the T word, and lets see if that has a different effect on me.

So my next MINI-GOAL is to get under the 14stone mark on February 1st.

Watch This Space!