Well, what did you expect? (Or “you stupid woman!)


Well, it was bound to happen! After all it was my birthday… And…. I felt a cold coming on…and…they were there….and…and…and…

I have put weight on! A full 1and 3/4 lbs!!

I’m not really surprised…oh, OK, so I hoped that I had got away with it as I have been doing so well up till now….but looking back on the week I have enjoyed the food and drink I have consumed – two nights out, champagne, wine, cognac – the birthday seemed to go on for a few days. During all this I maintained the 3main meals and two snacks to balance my insulin levels, and kept the water intake up.

No, I can pinpoint the real culprit food wise! It was the LARGE box of chocolate biscuits that I had bought for Christmas and had only opened recently for a two year old…( damn that child! No. I can’t blame her!) …
I SHOULD HAVE THROWN THE BOX AWAY!!!!!! That’s what Hubby said when I told him I had eaten so many of them over two days! ( I can always rely on him for the bald truth!) No gold stars for honesty with him!

So today when Adam comes for my training session I am going to disappoint him. And me.

Also my right knee is hurting all the time.

I can’t ask for your sympathy, as the weight gain is self inflicted. Perhaps a little sympathy for my knee? No? Oh, OK.

What I really don’t want to happen is that I give up! I have done so well up till now, and I had a blip over Christmas that I managed to get over. I will get over this one too! I just have to ensure that NO BISCUITS cross my threshold again in the near future!

One thing I was really please about was that I felt I was getting over my fear of going out for dinner…the fear that the food would win. I have shown myself that, sadly, if I really go for it with the food and drink there will consequences weight-wise, but I should be able to soon work that off.

I do not want food to become my enemy again!

So, this woman now has to get back on track, try to keep exercising despite the knee, to not panic about food and socialising, accept responsibility, and move on!! Having been reminded how awful I feel after a load of bad sugary foods and drinks, I need to remind myself how fab it feels to be clean and energised with the right food and drink!

Am I forgiven?? By me… Yes. I’m only human!

Now for a new day!