Know your limits


Know your limits!

Mine has arrived.

I have had a blast!

I have had fun skiing with My Boys, an seeing Son in teacher mode.
We have had great meals out, not least last night with friends who have an apartment here.

Today I feel the effects of it all- not least the alcohol last night! How all these people manage after the huge amounts we see being consumed beats me! Their youth is on their side but still! I am feeling the altitude. Not a hangover as such- no, really! No headache!

My limit today is the lack of any power in my legs.
I’m glossing over the knees and back which, as I have previously said, can be skied through!

No, enough is enough! I have done 3 runs this morning- all rather choppy in flat light – and so I am enjoying a rest whilst Hubby goes on a few of his own.

Tonight will be our last night here so we will feed up Son, ( and perhaps a friend of his) top up his bank account I bet, and pack.

Oh, and find out how to fit snow chains so we can get out if the garage tomorrow morning!

I am tired but happy

PS: I did another run! Teehee! X