And now…?


I’m home again and having an early morning think.

I have training today, and I’m amazed how much I have changed and grown in the last 4months.
Why? Well, in the past after a skiing holiday, with knees feeling tender and weak, I would have cancelled any thought of doing more exercise for a day or two. Who am I kidding…I’d have put it off for weeks!! I would have used them as an excuse to sit down, watch TV at the kitchen table, not walk the dog…you be the idea!

And now… All I did was text Adam to say I was looking forward to training, which I am, but the knees are sore. That still sounds like a little excuse, but it’s a HUGE leap for me!

I am reviewing this last trip away – my skiing;how I felt about it; me; our Son.

The big question is WHAT NOW?

Not in that “oh God” way… Yes, I’m back to an empty house etc, but this is more a question of what will my next Goal be?

Of course, there is the idea that I do the 5k run, and that is still on as far as I’m concerned, knees willing.
I have a couple of big things that need to be done in the house and garden…well, 4things actually.
I still am doing my art, but we have February off, so I must do some on my own.
I want to spend more time with Hubby, and can thanks to our fab dog sitter.

Is this enough? Will it all help to continue this personal growth I feel I have achieved since last September? Is there something else I should be doing/trying?

The one thing I DO know is I have so much more self-confidence now, and it is impacting on every element of my life!
I am very grateful for that.

SO… that’s it for now, up and at ’em, fling those curtains wide, and limp to the shower!