Darling Mummy

Darling Mummy,

Oh, how I missed you last night! I can’t believe that you have been gone almost 3 years.

I have been concentrating so much on “moving on” from under your shadow I had forgotten how much I relied on talking things over with you.

My first reminder was when I returned from the latest skiing trip on Tuesday so full of buzz, and wanting to tell you all about it I started walking towards the Cottage!

My second reminder was yesterday after a quick trip to the nurse. I was concerned about some post menopausal bleeding, and us ladies are told to get it checked out. During the examination the nurse found a small lump or polyp inside, and despite being sure it’s nothing I needed to tell you about it.

I couldn’t get out of the Surgery fast enough, and concentrated on my new Cottage guests; but once all that was done and the darkness fell my mind went to work! You know what I’m like.

One thing I am very lucky in is my friends. One happened to email me and I emailed back. She rang immediately and we talked. She has just become an orphan too and we talked about being the matriarch now, and the importance of not over thinking things!

Then I fell asleep.

This morning I did what my friend told me not to, and Googled the polyp…for once it has put my mind to rest! I am still aware of it…oh I can’t actually feel anything, but you know that way our minds have of making an area “sensitive”.

But, I can hear you saying ” Oh for goodness sake, Elizabeth! Pull yourself together and go make your bed!”

And you are right! There is nothing I can do about it until the appointment comes through and the Docs take a look.

In the meantime, I will make my bed, put the washing on, and remember all those wonderful hugs we had.

Please give Daddy, Ally and Manga huge hugs from me.

All my love

Your Grown Up Daughter.