Today I feel I need to start all over again.

I have done some Emotional Eating over the weekend due to the visit to the nurse ( please read previous blog), and so a reminder of what I have achieved over the past 4months is needed for my mindset!

I have lost 2.5 stone.
I have boosted my fitness from hardly being able to walk without puffing like a steam engine to contemplating doing a 5k run in May this year.
My self-confidence has soared so high!
My moods are so much brighter, and I feel my depression days are fading away.

I must not let “this” ruin it all! In fact I am sure the new me can cope with anything! Well, I have in the past and I wasn’t as fit then!!

I have let the food diary slip and that is not good….writing it down as you eat it is a MUST…for me!
Also throwing away left overs immediately, and putting the bin out!! ( stop looking so shocked! I know I am not alone in needing to do this!!)

Right, so enough typing…I will leap out of bed and go put it all into action!
Today’s thought for the day is taken from Jayne M Cox…#iCANattitude It works!

Lets GO!!!