Week 23

“Hm!” Said Pooh, “I’m stuck!”

20130220-085034 AM.jpg

It is week 23 since starting this new way of life and training, and I now weigh 14stone 2 1/4lbs.
That’s a loss of 36 1/4lbs. That’s …(quick calculation on fingers) a loss of 1.6lbs pr week… It’s gone down from a loss of 2lbs per week in the last month…Grrrrr!
Mind you I have had my birthday, a skiing trip involving restaurants, celebration of exams being passed, and son becoming ski instructor…. ie, real life got in the way! No, really, these things HAD to be done, after all I don’t live in isolation!

It is very difficult to get Adam, the trainer, to understand the pull of “bad” food and drink! Unless you are or have been a “food addict” it is difficult to understand that magical feeling in your mouth, in your tummy, in your head!
On a good day the joy of being fitter and thinner overrides all of that… On a bad day you remember it!

So this half stone is hanging on! I had really wanted it to go by the end of my skiing trip, but obviously not enough! I have been kind to myself, and I am not going to apologise for that!
I miss the running and the buzz that gives me so keep your fingers crossed that I can soon get back to it! It is easier than some of the other exercises I have to do to get the same feeling!

I need to focus again, remember how it feels to be on track…

Isn’t this what I said in my last blog???

Oh well, I AM only human!

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