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Yesterday was the third anniversary of my mother’s death, and I was thinking about it, but not in a morbid way… I have been marvelling about how much has changed since then.

Along with reminding myself how much I love and owe to Mother, and also how infuriating she could be (I don’t believe in making the dead saints if they weren’t!) I have been counting my blessings. It was my Grandmother who taught me to do that (a vicar’s widow then and living with us then) as a panacea for “the black dog” and it used to drive Mother nuts!

In these three years I have grown up (only a little, mind!), become a holiday landlady, joined a golf club, admitted to depression, come on here, Twitter and Facebook, met some amazing ladies who have really helped me, conquered my fear of skiing, seen my son graduate and become a ski instructor, got a fitness trainer and agreed to do a 5k run!! (June 5th is latest date).

Wow! You should try doing that and see how much you have achieved! It does wonders for our egos to have this list! Well, it’s doing great things for mine…I may have to lie down with a herbal tea!

Yes, I do miss Mother, but her passing was all part of the natural order of Life, as is my becoming the “Matriarch” – tho I think that’s far too grand a name for me!! So I look to the next three years and wonder how much bigger my list of things achieved will be? I don’t worry that it may not grow much, I am just rather curious!


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