Inconsequential Trifles


Nope, sorry, this page is not about puddings i have known and loved! Just a place to put my odd thoughts, musings down that are not connected to anything else… It will be a very full page!

I am at the mo in sitting in Pain Quotidian, one of my favourite places to stop and blog. You will get to know it well from here. The clientele are various from the business meeting chaps to the very youngest who is giving a running commentary of ahaaahhhaaaa from his high chair, I am sure what he is saying is of vital importance, but at the mo his young parents are intent on eachother. Wonderful to eavesdrop on the baby…wonder what he really is saying? Apart from ” oy, parents, my nappy needs changing!” impressed that the dad has gone to Do the deed!

Architects are showing their AirMacs(?)  to show a client the new offices, or maybe their own! Very impressive! ..Hm, wonder if I could wangle a laptop? No, I have this iPad, and I really can’t see the Old Man putting up with me spending over £1000 on another Apple gadget! Damn!

This is one of those nothing days…I get to potter, doing ironing etc for the flat, finishing the odd DVD I started last time I was here, wandering round or sitting here people watching. I am so lucky to be ale to do this! When did I last tell Him that? Must give him an extra hug tonight when he crawls in from a knackering day after not much sleep last night…from my tossing and turning, and yes, I snored! Maybe it is a good thing I am going to the sleep clinic…another blog page? Or is all of this getting too much??

Time for the cheque I think. Wonder what’s the B&W film on 4 this afternoon? Loads of wonderful old films on at mo, all war related that I remember watching with my dad. Caught her eye, good, ok, closing this….


A few weeks ago I had asked in the 02 shop when I was due an upgrade, and was told the 20th Feb…tomorrow!! Whoopee! So many great things happening tomorrow.

So I just gave 02 a quick call to check that I was ok…blow me( not what I actually want to say!!!) according to a verynice young girl I am not due to get it until,24th, as that is when my contract started! Oh no it didn’t! How do I know? Cos that’s the day my mother died! And I got the iPhone at least a week before that as I lost my old one in Rye! This is all because Carphone Warehouse passed my accouToronto 02.

Actualy I’ve now got my upgrade from 02. Got it straight after the Breakfast Club live event. Love it, but it’s a shame it’s a wee bit smaller than the iPhone 3… Or that my fingers haven’t miraculously become thinner!

I’m just sitting down with a cup of tea before ironing His shirts for the week. Isn’t it funny how being in a different place on a Saturday can really throw you! I keep thinking its either Saturday or Monday, but not Sunday! Weird! And I’ve been thinking how nice it’ll be to be at home for the week, but of course that means I’ll not see Himself for another 4 or 5 days. I’ll say good bye to him tomorrow (Monday) and pick him up on Friday so really it’s only 3days but always feels like 5! On the plus I get the bed to myself, on the down side I’m by myself. Each coin has two sides!

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