Out of control!

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What is going on??

Over the last fortnight I seem to have lost control!

With food, and with shopping!!

On the food front I am soooo close to dipping under the 14 stone mark, so why am I eating stuff I know is not going to help??

On other fronts I have just been on a massive spending spree!!

I have NO excuses!

I discovered one of my favourite designers has a shop in Covent Garden. Eileen Fisher does a wonderful capsule system, and I discovered I can get into it without needing the Plus size clothes! So I stocked up – that’s the only way of describing it – on basics that can be worn in so many ways!
Then I found the Kate Spade shop and got a scarf that I’d seen on someone else and desired! Well, it was the last one in the shop….!
And just now Bobby Brown has tempted me with her Mothers’ Day special offer!

Actually, note to British shops and companies – both the US stores mentioned above sent me Thank You cards!! I’ve NEVER been thanked like that for spending money before, and it really is lovely!!!

On the food front I went out for lunch on Thursday and fell for a piece of Pavlova!( meringue,cream and fruit) That was after stew with rice!! Then last night I ate 4, yes 4 deli wraps!! Whilst cooking chili-con-carni which I ate, with rice!!!

I will never get below 14stone or near the 3stone loss at this rate!!

I can see you shaking your heads, and I feel the disappointment!

I will be good today! Yes, I WILL!!!

I MUST BE GOOD!!! Why? Because I want the fab results and to not feel guilty!

In fact I give you all permission to nag me – just this once mind!



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