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“Oh no! What’s happened?”

“Yesterday I weighed in at 13 stone 13 and 3/4 lbs, and this morning I’m back to 14 stone and 1/2 lb!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!”

Oh bless! Well, what did you do yesterday that was different?”

“Nothing!!! I was really good! I had soup for lunch and tuna salad for supper! I was really trying! ”


“YES!…. Well, ok I had a piece of bread and butter with the soup. And there were the odd teaspoons of peanut butter. But I drank loads of water, I walked the dog, I was at art, I did everything right!!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!!! ”

“Well, perhaps the bread and peanut butter were not necessary?”

“OI! You’re supposed to be on my side! Stop being so reasonable! It’s us verses the world and here you are siding with Them! IT’S NOT FAIR!!! I want to keep losing weight at the 2lb rate and look fab by the end of this month without having to do more than I am now!! Get in line!”

“Sorry, I can’t help being your also able side, it’s the way you made me. Now clam down and look back on how far we’ve come, and how proud I am of you. Oh, we have an email…lets read….”

I have just heard someone wonderful I tweet with is now nearing the end of her fight cancer. I never saw her moan about what life had done to her, or about how much pain she was in. She made the most of her days, taking awareness for her cancer all over the place educating others. If she ever said “it’s not fair” it wasn’t to others, in public.

So this rant is over.
I am such a lucky person to be alive, with a fabulous family, people I love who Love Me for me.

I still feel down about today’s result, but in the scheme of things it is such a small step backwards.
Sometimes life sends us little reminders to grow up and not be such a baby. There is always someone far worse off than you!

I am thinking of this beautiful lady and sending prayers and love to her family.

Big hugs everyone.


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