Almost there

20130313-085140 AM.jpg

Week 26 and I am almost at the 3stone loss mark! Woohoo!
Only 3lbs to go, but it’s getting harder now without the running. I am down to 1lb loss per week, but that’s ok. I am not having to starve myself, and Adam doesn’t think I am missing out on anything…I’m thinking alcohol, chocolate…but actually I have gone off wine!!! (Note I do not mention chocolate; my taste buds aren’t that mad.) Really, all I’m doing is eating sensibly and keeping the diary..oh, and working out.

Mind you, all this snow has left me feeling like hibernating again! The only warm room in this house is the study when the fire is lit, and the temptation to sit under a rug by it and read is huge!

20130313-085235 AM.jpg
Son and I had such fun getting through all this and more yesterday…I even had to body surf over most of this particular drift as it was up above my bum!! You can imagine the laughter and screams from both me and him! Not helped by the dog coming and lying next to me as he was a bit worried!

So, training again today so long as Adam can get here, and I bet it will be a toughie! I managed 10mins jog at 4pmh on Monday so I’m hoping this means I can get back to running properly soon, building up to it. I have been rather gentle on myself training on my own, and as it’s going to get cold again later this week and next I need to get going!

This has been booked for June 2nd, did I tell you?? And I’m out the night before!! Eeeek!

Right, I’m off to get some housework done before Adam arrives.