About Me

Hi World! Welcome to my site!

This is where you can read about my life..or just skip through if it is really boring for you! It hasn’t been to me.

After the usual school life…

I went off to Warwick university to learn about learning! Actually I did a B.Ed(hons) but realised pretty soon that I wasn’t a great teacher, and rather than inflicting myself on what seemed a very cynical younger generation I went off to London to seek my fortune…no cat following tho!

There I worked at Liberty store in Regent Street and then fell into the publishing world on the telesales side…now stop groaning! Someone had to do it!

I ended up at The Economist in the Classified Advertising Dept adn had a wonderful 6 years there before my darling hubby and children allowed me to leave the smoke and we moved to the country!

8 years ago life threw us one of those crap deals and we lost our eldest, Ally, to primary liver cancer. somewhere on this site I will put a link to Teen Cancer Trust and hope you will go there and support their fantastic work!

And now! here I am having a go at the next stage in life – the blog etc! There will also be a link..i hope.. to my Holiday Cottage which is in my garden…

So, if you’ve not been put off…read on!