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  • Oh, Buck Up!

    I am giving myself a good talking to today! “Buck Up” being the nice way to put it!! Yesterday the “old Liz” reared her ugly head… And I sat at the kitchen table, and ATE! I felt sorry for myself, just because my knees hurt when I exercise/walk/go to sleep. I feel sluggish, and down. […]

  • Maybe Next Time

    Bad news folks – my run is off due to knee trouble. Just before skiing, back in January, I twisted/pulled my knee but still managed to ski thanks to strapping and ibuprofen gel. Since then it has always hurt when jogging and working out. Then last week after training i could hardly walk and i […]

  • Almost there

    Week 26 and I am almost at the 3stone loss mark! Woohoo! Only 3lbs to go, but it’s getting harder now without the running. I am down to 1lb loss per week, but that’s ok. I am not having to starve myself, and Adam doesn’t think I am missing out on anything…I’m thinking alcohol, chocolate…but […]

  • Rant….cancelled

    IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!! “Oh no! What’s happened?” “Yesterday I weighed in at 13 stone 13 and 3/4 lbs, and this morning I’m back to 14 stone and 1/2 lb!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!” Oh bless! Well, what did you do yesterday that was different?” “Nothing!!! I was really good! I had soup for lunch and tuna […]

  • Out of control!

    What is going on?? Over the last fortnight I seem to have lost control! With food, and with shopping!! On the food front I am soooo close to dipping under the 14 stone mark, so why am I eating stuff I know is not going to help?? On other fronts I have just been on […]

  • Week 23

    “Hm!” Said Pooh, “I’m stuck!” It is week 23 since starting this new way of life and training, and I now weigh 14stone 2 1/4lbs. That’s a loss of 36 1/4lbs. That’s …(quick calculation on fingers) a loss of 1.6lbs pr week… It’s gone down from a loss of 2lbs per week in the last […]

  • Restart?

    Today I feel I need to start all over again. I have done some Emotional Eating over the weekend due to the visit to the nurse ( please read previous blog), and so a reminder of what I have achieved over the past 4months is needed for my mindset! I have lost 2.5 stone. I […]

  • Know your limits

    Know your limits! Mine has arrived. I have had a blast! I have had fun skiing with My Boys, an seeing Son in teacher mode. We have had great meals out, not least last night with friends who have an apartment here. Today I feel the effects of it all- not least the alcohol last […]

  • I just keep going…

    Imagine you are with me sitting in the lounge area of this Chalet/Hotel… The fire is roaring in the corner, with a couple slowly falling asleep in front of it… With time more people come in from the slopes, tired, quiet on the whole, some go up to their rooms, some stop for either tea […]

  • Well, what did you expect? (Or “you stupid woman!)

    Well, it was bound to happen! After all it was my birthday… And…. I felt a cold coming on…and…they were there….and…and…and… I have put weight on! A full 1and 3/4 lbs!! I’m not really surprised…oh, OK, so I hoped that I had got away with it as I have been doing so well up till […]

  • The Power of Words

    I think I have a problem! Do words hold a power for you? I suspect they have a strong hold on me! Take the two words above…TARGET GOAL One has a positive feel, one a negative, for me. The colours give you an idea which is which! I think in my mind TARGET= FAIL, GOAL=Success. […]

  • A new target

    Its good, isn’t it? I have it in mind because my Personal Torturer, sorry Trainer, has asked me what my next goal is going to be. The fact that I am still working towards the latest goal of hitting the next stone mark before I hit the ski slopes is beside the point, apparently! I […]